Upcoming Annual Report: Charity amidst Adversity

This year has been challenging. This pandemic has pushed us all to adopt and adapt to new ways in such haste. The excitement for welcoming a new decade started with the eruption of the Taal Volcano and was further dampened with the announcement of the global pandemic.

The University also prepared for the sesquicentennial celebration of the Faculty of Surgery and Medicine, 150 years of Thomasian excellence. There was already a year-long preparation of welcoming this momentous milestone, and some were fortunately done before March 2020, such as the Med Gala, and “Fore to 150” a UST FMS Sesquicentennial Golf Invitational.

However, some of the events had to be postponed, and most had to be held online or reconfigured to adapt to the new guidelines set by IATF. Today, just like a year ago, we are again in high alert as Metros in the Country are put in the strictest and highest form of community quarantine. It is understandable that everyone is growing weary and tired of what seems like an endless cycle.

The Foundation, with the help of the Faculty of Surgery and Medicine, as well as our Alumni Associations, have all contributed to help our frontliners in need, may it come in the form of donation drives, posting for calls for action or even just webinars to “KamUSTa” them.

We are truly grateful for the commitment our Thomasian doctors have. Wherever they may serve, they do. There is no hesitancy to support AFI, FMS, and colleagues. With your contributions, we were able to help already five (5) students fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors, and two (2) others have just started theirs.

Your actions, efforts, have never shone brighter in the darkness of times and it is truly a testament of God’s act through hands of men and women.

This is only a fraction of what we can do with your help, and we would like to share more of our successes in this challenging year. Our Annual Report will be released soon and you'll be the first ones to know!