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To Give Back

The stakeholders of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of UST have always shown in one way or another their solidarity with their Alma Mater, especially in crucial times.

On the occasion of its sesquicentennial celebration in 2021, the Faculty has undertaken a bold step towards the modernization of its academic life and the renovation of its facilities. Fortunately, we count on visionary leaders, a well-prepared faculty roster, and a talented body of students.

We have always relied on the University to respond to the demands of a progressive school of medicine in the country. However, aware of the increasing challenges of modern medicine and the multiple needs of the University at present times, we thought that the sesquicentennial celebration, the 150 years of service to the Filipino people, would sound a chord in the minds and hearts of our alumni.

When the project for a new building to house the Research Center for Medicine and the Simulation Laboratory was presented to the University, the Board of Trustees of the University favorably endorsed it but owing to the great finances involved, we were entrusted to start a Fund-raising campaign to help shoulder the cost.

Providentially, by that time, we had already been approached by a selected group of medical alumni wiling to help in the establishment of an independent foundation exclusively dedicated to the support of their Alma Mater, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

After a couple of years of negotiations with the University authorities, the go signal was granted and now, we have the Anargyroi: FMS Foundation Inc. (AFI).

On the celebration of the USTMAAA annual gathering in San Francisco last September 2-5, 2021, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Ma. Lourdes Maglinao, M.D., was in attendance during the meeting of USTMAAA Foundation where a proposal for a substantial contribution in exchange for the naming rights of the Simulation and Research building was made.

Unfortunately, after an initial enthusiastic response, the proposal did not materialize, which has caused some disappointment on our side and change of direction to our initial plans to have USTMAAA as a major partner in the project.

Though disappointed, we are not discouraged, as we rely on the good will of our large alumni and other potential benefactors willing to continue helping our project generously and disinterestedly.

One hundred and fifty years of such institution deserves a second thought. In difficult and in good times, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery will continue nurturing the dreams of young men and women willing to serve their fellow Filipinos.

It is true that to whom much is given, much is expected from, but the proverbial “two coins” of the Gospel’s widow metaphor will inspire us to persist in our prayers and expectations. May God bless you all.

Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P. Regent

October 22, 2021