Regent’s Scholarship Program

Our goal is to fund 20 scholars by 2021

and sustain the program beyond this target

How are they selected?

At least five new scholars per year will be selected by a committee based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding academic & Christian attributes
    As prospective students of UST, the scholars are expected to exhibit competence and commitment, and more importantly social concern.
  • Financial need
    To maximize the benefit gained by the scholar, the financial aid will be given to whom it will be most advantageous.
  • Regional distribution
    Priority will be given to scholars who live in areas with less access toquality medical education.
The committee will select:

1 scholar from Luzon,
2 from Visayas and,
2 from Mindanao.

By the end of their schooling, scholars are encouraged to return to bring Thomasian-quality service to their own hometowns.

We believe that there is much wisdom to be gained by opening our doors to a broader spectrum of society.

Through the Regent’s Scholarship Program, we aim to make quality medical education more accessible.

The program will cover scholars’

TUITION, Miscellaneous Fees, Accommodation, Books & Food

Medical education should not only be for the affluent. Let us extend it even to those financially handicapped through scholarship as long as the candidates are well motivated, willing to undergo rigorous schooling and are well rooted in their respective cultures even in remote areas of the Philippines. We may start with a few but let them go back to their place of origins and be the ‘leaven that will permeate the whole mass.
Fr. Angel A. Aparicio, O.P.


Executive Director
(+63 2) 8 553 1611 loc. 8566

Room 118 St. Martin de Porres Building, University of Santo Tomas

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