Go Forth, RSP Class of 2022!

The warmth of face-to-face gatherings is slowly coming back, and what better way to celebrate the second set of graduates of the Regent’s Scholarship Program than to have a much-awaited reunion with their families, peers, and mentors outside of Zoom.

Last July 15, the RSP family gathered for the year-ender program of Class of 2022 composed of Maureen Althea Calleja (Cum Laude), Kimberly Angeline Lin (Cum Laude), and Joed Ivan Mata (Magna Cum Laude). The stellar trio momentarily took some time off their clerkship to celebrate with their families and fellow RSP scholars in the ground floor lobby of the Miguel de Benavides Library. As the event was hybrid, they were also joined by benefactors, and AFI Trustees online.

Dr. Evelyn Songco, chair of the Regent’s Scholarship Program, formally opened the event with a cheerful video call done via Zoom. The audience was then welcomed by the regent of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P.

The highlight of the event was the commissioning of RSP Class of 2022 led by Fr. Aparicio himself. This was followed by an inspiring message from one of their professors, Dr. Jocelyn M. Zamora-Mariano, who shared about her discernment story and what led her to take up medicine and obstetrics-gynecology.

The audience got a glimpse of the scholars’ journey in medical school through the speech of their representative, magna cum laude Joed Ivan Mata. It was heart-warming to listen to their struggles and victories from a personal point of view.

Afterwards, Mrs. Edna Mata, mother of Joed, aptly represented the parents of the graduate Class of 2022 in her speech about their dreams for their children and their gratitude towards the Foundation.

In the spirit of generosity and celebratory joy, the Foundation, then, gifted the scholars with a humble token each. These were handed to them by Dr. Remedios Chan, Asst. Dean and Dr. Clifton Pe, Faculty Secretary.

The event was also graced with the presence, albeit virtual, of one of RSP’s sponsors, Dr. Daniel Yap to extend a message of support and well-wishes to the graduates.

During the intermission, the audience was serenaded by the beautiful voice of Kimberly Lin, RSP scholar Class of 2022 cum laude and former president of the Medical Glee Club.

The event was also a great opportunity to recognize the other remaining RSP scholars, and to formally introduce the new RSP Class of 2026.


The event was formally closed by Dr. Remedios Chan, assistant dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. As a proper ritual to cap the celebration, everyone stood and sang the UST Hymn with their fists on their chests.


In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, raising excellent doctors takes a whole program of well-meaning and generous mentors, doctors, staff, sponsors, and fellow scholars. Endowed with a solid support system and a foundation of admirable character and skills, RSP Class of 2022 is ready to take on the challenges of their next step and pave a path of their own in the medical field.




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