An Open Letter to USTMAAA

The following is a letter written by the UST-FMS Regent, Fr. Angel Aparicio, OP, addressed to all people of good will.



1. The UST Scholarship Program.

UST offers different scholarships, such as:

  • Santo Tomas Scholarship Program for students with excellent academic performance; 
  • Saint Martin de Porres Scholarship, for deserving students in need of financial assistance from Senior High School, Leap Med, and College Level. 
  • Santo Domingo Scholarship Program for students who excel in the arts, music, and sports from Senior High School & College Level,
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship, for the students in need of financial assistance and who are willing to render some services (20-30 hours per week) in different university departments, especially in the Library.

Besides the above mentioned scholarships, there are other numerous scholarships granted by external institutions, alumni, etc. As an example, we can mention, the Saint Dominic Scholarship for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Medical Students, supported by the USTMAAA and some other local FMS Alumni, and the Regent Scholarship Program. 

2. Regent’s Scholarship

We believe in the principle of socialization by means of education. This principle has operated in the University of Santo Tomas ever since its origins back in 1611, as can be verified in the Acts of the Foundation. Presently, without state subsidies, the costs of education, especially medical education, are escalating to the point that only well-to-do families can afford to send their children to private medical schools. Still, USTFMS turns over 500 doctors every year. This is an enormous contribution to the Health care system of the country. 

It is obvious that the USTFMS population does not represent the spectrum of Filipino society. With such a great number of enrollees in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery every school year, it is impossible to reach to all deserving applicants who are financially challenged. 

On the occasion of the Sesquicentennial celebration of the foundation of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in 1898, we envisioned this event as an opportunity to launch a campaign to increase the number of scholarships.

The idea dawned upon us like in a flash, as we attended an alumni reunion some years ago. With an approximate number of 20,000 living medical alumni throughout the world, and the USTMAAA being well-established, we appealed to their proverbial generosity at this crucial moment in the history of their Alma Mater. The name “Regent Scholarship” was coined in that reunion.

3. The Regent’s Scholarship and the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

In the last five years’ history of the Regent’s Scholarship Program, different schemes have been tried with good but meager results.

Initially, USTMAAA welcomed the proposal, even though twenty full scholars by 2021 seemed a dream beyond its capabilities. Thank God, other alumni opened their hearts and their pockets and by this time, the Regent’s Scholarship program has supported eight excellent graduates, while another fourteen are enrolled in 4th, 3rd, ,2nd, and 1st year Medicine. What will happen beyond these twenty scholars? 

The Regent’s Scholarship Program could not have survived without the unsparing support of the initiators of the Anargyroi: FMS Foundation, Inc., Drs. Linda and Peter Fang, Dr. Erwin Gonzalez, Dr. Cora Gemil, Dr. Antonio Penilla and Dr. Willie Lagdameo.  

Aware of the extraordinary education received from their Alma Mater, they questioned themselves of what they can do to give back? An independent foundation seemed to be the best answer.

Anargyroi Foundation’s scope is larger than the Regent’s Scholarship Program. We leave that for another occasion. Concerning the issue at hand, that is, the RSP, this is its present situation:

Whatever success has been achieved so far, and we judge it not small, it is largely due to the selfless contribution of Drs. Linda and Peter Fang not only financially but also of their time and effort.  

As if that were not enough, they have promised to continue funding the RSP with $ 200, 000 every year as long as they are around.

Without disregarding the contributions of other alumni, one does not know how to express gratitude to Drs. Peter and Linda Fang’s generosity. 

Without a substantial endowment fund, it will be difficult to sustain the program beyond the contribution of Drs. Linda and Peter Fang. This is the reason why an appeal was addressed to USTMAAA, to match Dr. Fang’s four million dollars for the Research and Simulation Building with another four million from the USTMAAA Foundation for the RSP Endowment Fund to make the Regent’s Scholarship into a sustainable program for USTFMS. It was an excellent proposal.



While we do not lose hope that this dream will come true, we take this opportunity to thank all alumni who believe in the goodness of this project: 

  • The benefactors, for supporting the program;
  • The Anargyroi Board of Trustees, for braving the storms; 
  • The Regent’s Scholarship Committee, for the selection of candidates;
  • The extraordinary scholars, for measuring up to the high expectations placed on them; 
  • The DO-AR, for bearing with an array of all kinds of well-meaning alumni but with different personalities and expectations.

It is your faith in us and the love for your Alma Mater that will sustain our dream for a brighter future.

Maraming salamat po.


Fr. Angel Aparicio, O.P. Regent.

UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.


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