How is Business During the Pandemic?

By Dr. Leoncia Y. Lintag, Dermatologist, CEO Lenzib Corporation (UST FMS Class 1976)

Dr. Leoncia “Leni” Lintag is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in active practice for the past 38 years. She completed her medical education at the University of Santo Tomas and her dermatology training at the Dermatology Research and Training Center in Manila and the Ministry of Health and Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok. She holds her clinic in St. Luke’s Medical Center and Calamba Doctors’ Hospital.

Another project that Dr. Lintag undertook, perhaps as equally vigorous, enthusiastic, and proud as her medical service, is the founding of Lenzib Corporation- a purely Filipino owned manufacturing company involved in the production of personal and skin-care products. The Company has been in operations since 2005 and has seen a lot of ups and downs. Dr. Lintag as founder, has navigated its growth throughout the years. The company started as a small distributor of dermatological products in Luzon and expanded nationwide after some years. Today, Lenzib has a good number of distribution channels nationwide and Dr. Lintag is still at the helm, despite nearing 70 years old.

The Pandemic has been hard for everyone, Tinkerskin included. The company was not allowed to operate for a month from the onset of ECQ on March 14 to April 30th, 2020. By May 1, 2020, however, special consideration was given to operate in half capacity since the Company provides semi-essential goods. This resulted in losses, luckily, these losses were not severe enough to warrant the Company’s closure.

The main goal during the pandemic, other than lowering costs by saving on things such as inventory, electricity, water, and other utilities, was to preserve the employment of all the employees and to provide them with additional support above what the government has given, despite the absence of work.

The company takes pride in the fact that they were able to retain the employment of all their employees and provided them with full salary from March 15 to March 30, and half salary for the month of April. They decided to make a commitment to help their employees to bounce back from this pandemic. The company is back in full swing now in the new normal and is actively protecting the health of the employees by implementing social distancing, providing sanitary equipment, and monitoring each and everyone’s health.

All these are aimed to create more value for all their stakeholders despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19 as they fully embrace digitalization strategies and find growth in innovative spaces such as e-commerce.