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Finding Paths, Purposes and Perspectives

We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end. – Woodrow T. Wilson

The landscape of medical education has significantly changed over the last decade or so and as we go through the challenges of contemporary times, there is an increasing demand to define new educational outcomes. The need to adapt to this complex and constantly changing global medical education environment faces prodigious obstacles. Being at the helm, it is my role to ensure that these challenges are met with uncompromised standards.

Though the years, we have basked in pride for every crowning achievement reaped by our medical school, its students, faculty and graduates. We are fortunate that they  have the depth of talent and ability to navigate these difficult waters. The phrase “proud to be a Thomasian MD” resonates for every triumph our alma mater brings.

Grateful with the different degrees of support from our cherished alumni groups in accordance with the intent of their organization, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is significantly anchored on the University’s spine.

However, the current exigencies are not just the ordinary, they are immense and urgent. Can we still stand the test of time, sustain, and survive in the next 150 years? Can we constantly keep up with our unrivaled stature? Can we challenge the status quo, soar high and fast? Can we still be at par with the world’s best, cognizant of the present day demands in medical education? Unless we make bold and collective undertakings, uncertainties, and great threats do exist.

What can we do for our alma mater? A question that has always been the battle cry of our alumni to be able to support and give back, and we are beyond gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering decades of support.

What can we do for our alma mater?  A very timely question a group of alumni dare asked themselves and provided an answer. The birth of Anargyroi is an opportune blessing to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. It aims to exclusively support the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and her excellent initiatives involving administrations, faculty, students, support staff, and patients.

Anargyroi is bent on an all-out support for FMS initiatives. It is created to synergize efforts, establish engagements and not compete with other organizations with the same purpose. More so, it is well-aligned with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery as it implicitly shares her aspiring vision. Representation from stakeholders are in place and I would greatly encourage you to be part of this foundation in whatever capacity.

In my second term in office, and being in the battleground, I have personally witnessed and experienced the struggles. The struggles are real. There are well-founded requisites that we are confronted with. Faced with the present-day challenges, admittedly, I cannot wrestle these alone. The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery needs you and me more than ever.

It is with purest intention to call upon your grateful hearts, not only for individual or fragmented support, but a collaborative and cooperative one. It will be a greater force to reckon with if we harmonize our strokes towards one goal.

The current predicament created an opportunity for us to confront our life’s purpose.

It has made us search our deepest selves to find the perspective that will make the future in sync with our true mission in life.

The present day situation has led us to discover the path that will bring us closer to our goal.

The threats and fear of uncertainties have never been so strong that in one stroke of luck, we realized that we needed faith more than fear, wanted hope more than hate, and needed charity more than enmity.

We may have different views of how things must be done. We may have different directions of how lives must be lived.

But the time to disagree and part ways is not today. Instead, today is the time to bind and unite in purpose.

We must concentrate on one goal, harness collective energy to arrive at one destination, and consider one another’s helping hands that will bring us there together.

The time to be united is now. The time to align and harmonize our purpose is now. Regardless of individual paths, let us meet at a common ground and that is to support the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the institution responsible for who we are and where we are today. Let us be models for our future generations of Thomasian physicians to emulate as they will be the guardians and caretakers of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in the many years to come.

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery needs you and me to fulfill its mission. No other medical school has the strength of crowd, caliber, and character that Faculty of Medicine and Surgery brings forth. This is something that all Thomasian medical graduates must take pride on.

NO other time in the history of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, that we have this golden opportunity to harness collective energy, forge alliance, and be able to make a huge difference to sustain the momentum of our aggregated efforts to keep the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery entrenched on top, and that will be etched in the annals of her history.

The collaborative deeds you will give will be timely and timeless.

Let us rise above our individual differences and personal preferences and move towards a higher cause – a cause beyond us, a cause beyond our seeing, a cause that will live across time.

The call for a strong and solid Thomasian medical community reverberates today.

As we celebrate the sesquicentennial year of our beloved Alma Mater, let us recall what we have in common - competence in what we promised to do, commitment in every endeavor we chose to undertake, and compassion to every human being we chance upon.

The legacy of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is not embedded in the past.

It is enshrined in the future – the future you and I will help build today.

Let us stand side by side believing in ourselves and sharing in gratitude life’s blessings, not to our Alma Mater, but to the future generations of Thomasian physicians who will continue the legacy you and I built today.

May God in His unending glory bless the Thomasian medical spirit and bring us together in unity, solidarity, and harmony.

A Grace-filled Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful New Year to All!

By: Ma. Lourdes P. Domingo-Maglinao, MD

Anargyori: FMS Foundation, Inc.

UST-Faculty of Medicine and Surgery