Dr. Eugenio “Gene” Balbuena of Class 1966

To our fellow Thomasians:

It is with a sad note and fervent prayer that we inform you of the passing of one of the notable members or our Thomasian family. Dr. Eugenio "Gene" Balbuena of Class 1966 has moved on today to a better place than what we live in and in the company of angels and saints by the side of our Lord.

Gene had been one of the main supporters of the University of Santo Tomas Medical Alumni in American (USTMAAA), helping organize the Northern California chapter and providing stable leadership that we had relied on to keep our members in touch with the National organization. Ever a gentleman, there was no better ambassador for USTMAAA in the Golden Gate region. He and his family are very generous benefactors of the USTMAAA Foundation and are listed in the "Wall of Honor". He and his classmates are also generous contributors to the Thomasian Alumni Center that was one of the landmark projects during the Quadricentennial Celebration of the University of Santo Tomas in 2011. He had been a part of the Board of Directors up to the time of his demise and we will surely miss his presence and wise counsel in our future sessions.

May we call on our Thomasian family to pause for a moment and give respect to our departed comrade and pray for his eternal repose and for his beloved ones as they grieve for their loss.

Farewell Gene! Thank you very much for the time that you walked with us in our journey on earth. And remember us when you are in heaven.

Your Thomasian Family and Team USTMAAA