Anargyroi Graduating Scholar: Jochebeth Joi Trocino

(L-R) Janssen Hinlo, M.D.  (UST Med Batch 2013), Albert Flores, R.N., and Jochebeth Trocino during cesarean delivery at a local hospital at Brooke’s Point, Palawan

Who would have thought that an ordinary person, born and raised from a small home, will be a doctor someday? Gratitude is an understatement from what I feel from all the support I have been a recipient of that led me to who I am today. I still cannot believe that this is all happening. As I look back, I am always amazed at how God orchestrated my path towards UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, from the year I was born and graduated college.

The founding year of the AnargyroiFoundation was perfect timing as I became one of their first scholars and be part of the sesquicentennial batch. Because of that, I truly believe that I am blessed by God through all the people who helped in supporting this Foundation.

​When I first entered the premises of the University of Santo Tomas, I was really nervous and was overwhelmed by what I saw.  Being a new student entering a big and prestigious school gave me a mixture of fear and excitement. The journey was not really that easy as I had a hard time adjusting especially on the expensive meals, on how people were different from my previous school, and on how heavy the study load was. However, I am blessed for having a co-scholar, Carmela Tormo, who is also in the same section, for she has helped me in my needs and has comforted me with the small talks we would usually have. The encouragement that I received from the doctors and the people that I met in the Development Office is something I keep close to my heart. On top of all these, the Anargyroi Foundation has been generous in addressing my other needs, such as: dormitory, allowance, books, medical bag, and more. Little by little, I was able to adjust and survive in medical school as I give and still is giving all the best that I can. Every morning when I wake up, I really thank God because I continue to receive His blessings through His grace.

​During this pandemic, our clerkship is online. I struggled during our classes since our internet connection in the province is poor. Good thing, I was able to practice in a hospital in our hometown since we almost had no COVID cases. I also met two Thomasian physicians who practice in our municipality. During my stay, I saw the reality of our place. We lack specialists and by observation, the doctor-patient ratio is way beyond the norm. I also cannot help but imbibe what UST has taught us—to be compassionate, competent, and committed physicians. I realized how blessed I am that I am able to study and train in the biggest, brightest, and best medical school in the country. With that, I am really inspired to become the best I could be and help my fellow Palaweños in the near future.

Jochebeth Joi Trocino s is one of the first Anargyroi FMS Foundation, Inc. Regent's Scholars.