Anargyroi Graduating Scholar: Cloie Anne Rabinetas

When I graduated in college, there was no way I could guarantee someone that I knew what to do after. Being a doctor has always been the goal. But in times I least expected, certain situations made it more difficult for me to achieve that goal. Being a scholar in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is undoubtedly one of the most gratifying moments in my life and the beginning of a long winding road to MD.

Looking back in my first year in Medicine, I was still the naive medical student who was still unaware of the gravity of what lies ahead. I entered medical school with the same heart and determination as a kid who wants to become a doctor. The first year in Medicine is never easy. A typical day involved sitting for long hours, listening to lectures, and juggling the time to study for the next quizzes. Going home also meant having more time to review. My first year was entirely different from what I was used to, so I had to adjust to the new academic demands, the new people, and even to the new environment. Slowly, I started to fully realize the responsibilities, the heartbreaks, and the long years of study that I have yet to do. Despite of all these, being a scholar during my first year serves as a constant reminder that despite being in an uncharted territory, there are people who were willing to lend a hand and support me. Just the thought of that helps me get through the days and inspires me to be better always.

Now, I am in my last year in Medicine. Things have not been getting easier since then. Every day is a struggle, but each day is also an accomplishment. It does not feel like it was a long time since I started as a medical student. Though I still feel like that wide-eyed medical student I was before. There are still many things I do not know and many more things to experience. However, what has come along those years in medical school is maturity and responsibility. Besides, being a doctor is indeed a lifelong commitment to learning and service.

There are only a few months left before we graduate. It may be nice to wear a white coat soon because we can finally see that our sacrifices, hard work, and sleepless nights are starting to pay off. But in the patients' eyes, that very same white coat is a symbol of healing and relief. That is one of the things I learned during my stay in medical school. There may still be a lot to be done and understood, but I trust that all of our efforts, sweat, and tears will eventually be worth everything once we get our turn to save lives ourselves.

Whenever I look back, my four years in Medicine were not easy. However, thinking about all those years I have dedicated to study makes me feel accomplished and grateful at the same time. There may have been a number of ups and downs along the way of becoming a doctor, but being here right where I want to be, in a medical school that has been entirely supportive and generous during the last years, makes the whole road to MD a lot easier to endure and love.

Cloie Anne Rabinetas is one of the first Anargyroi FMS Foundation, Inc. Regent's Scholars.