Anargyroi Graduating Scholar: Charles John Latorre

Chasing Dreams with Humility and Gratefulness


I still remember the night when I got a text message from an unknown number. It was a cold Friday night and I just woke up from my sleep after a very tiring day. At this point, I was not expecting anymore that I would get the scholarship since it has been days since I was interviewed and I have not received any news from them. Then a message popped up, and from then on, it has been one tough and exciting journey. It has been almost four years since I took my first step in the corridors of the Medicine Building. I met new people who became my family. I met new doctors who became my mentors. I met patients from different aspects of life who told me their stories that is honing me to become the doctor that I want to be. Finally, I met myself who grew and became a better person.

There are times that this road has become a bumpy one. There are moments where I would breakdown due to shear stress and work overload. There are times I just want to give it up. But we were always reminded by our mentors on why we are doing this. We are not only doing this for ourselves or for our family, but we are doing this for the people. The people who will need our help someday. The people who will see us as their only hope to live. The people whom we will take the oath for. These are the people that made me strive, smile, and do wonders for.

In two months, I would be graduating from my beloved alma mater. The alma mater which developed and took care of me for the past four years. The alma mater that transcends not only the present and us, the future Thomasian doctors, but also the ones who also took the same steps in the four corners of the very same building that sheltered me. The bond that transcends time made not only the Regent’s Scholarship Program possible but also other programs such as Faculty Development, Community Outreach Programs, and Modernization of Facilities. It did not only help us but also everyone from the Thomasian medicine community. In the future, I wish to do the same as well. To give back without anything in return. Knowing that the best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.


My very first day in the Operating Room

Everything has changed these past four years except for one, my dream. The dream is still the same, to become a competent, committed, and compassionate doctor for all. It was and will always be. This would not have been possible if not for those good willing doctors, our benefactors, who helped us in every step that we took.

This concludes the series of write ups from the graduating scholars, from the bottom of our hearts, maraming, maraming salamat po.