Undeterred by the challenges of being a medical student amidst a pandemic, our pioneer group of scholars — aptly representing the Sesquicentennial graduates of Thomasian doctors — emerged as strong and highly capable future doctors who are ready to take on the mission of their chosen field. We gathered their stories of hope and success as we celebrate the journey we shared in making their dreams possible.

We also celebrate the gift of life of Dr. Arturo Tecson who played a huge role in encouraging young minds to enter the medical field through his inspiration and donation to the Regents’ Scholarship Program.

Our shared dream of missioning great doctors into the world is slowly becoming a reality. Through the help of the many alumni and friends in the different parts of the world, and with Anargyroi: FMS Foundation, Inc., in full support to FMS, no dream is too hard to build.

You can read about these and more in our recent annual report which you can access here: